Nature presents itself to us as Change

I see two kinds of change: The part I understand, and the other part that I find random. But science is very complex, so another researcher might provide a theory that explain some things I currently don’t understand. Then this will this no longer appear random to me!

We learn that Randomness is not a property of nature. It is a part of our way describing it. Randomness is a property of the Observer of nature, and not in nature itself. By True Randomness we mean numbers, or a number sequence, that is constructed in such a way that all observers see it as random. As there might be research unknown to us, and certainly advances in science in future, this task is not easy.

Randomserver forum

The random number service was updated to allow free download of true random numbers to a file. There is also an encryption feature based upon random numbers, like the one time pad, that you should check out.

Download true random numbers

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